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Our People are a select group of technology professionals, experienced with companies such as IBM, Sprint and Cisco. They have the breadth and depth to succeed with even the most difficult requirements. In fact, one of our specialties is succeeding where others have failed.

Keith Amon
Chief Financial Officer
Keith has a 38 year history in business management that he is applying to BackWatcher's administrative, marketing and financial operations. He is currently an officer of four operating corporations. With a strong background in various major Retailing and Commercial Real Estate companies and significant experience in securities and insurance, he oversees BackWatcher's critical business operations.
Kyle Amon
Chief Technology Officer
Kyle is the founder of BackWatcher, Inc. He has spoken about Linux security for SANS, written for Linux Journal and is coauthor of the Red Hat Linux Installation and Configuration Handbook by QUE. He was the Lead Security Specialist for IBM WWW Services during IBM's e-commerce drive in the late 1990's and was Corporate Unix Systems Administrator for Jabil Circuit, the 3rd largest contract manufacturer of circuit board assemblies in the world. A member of USENIX, SAGE, ACM and EFF, he has championed the Free Software Foundation, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD for about as long as they have respectively been around.
Blake Matheny
Senior Software Engineer
Currently Blake is helping to design and develop custom software and security solutions for our customers as well as internally for BackWatcher.
  Blake has been doing consulting for nearly 10 years, and has worked for companies such as Sprint, UMB, Infotex, Purdue University, and the Hyde School. Blake is certified by Cisco for Advanced Pix Administration, Sun as an SCSA and by Entrust for LiveContent Directory Administration. Besides his skills with networking and security on Unix, Novell, and Microsoft platforms, Blake has extensive experience in application development using C, SQL, Perl, C++, Scheme, and many other languages.
  Blake currently works developing software for a machine learning project at CERIAS as well as working for the ECN department at Purdue University on a new method for distributing and sharing source code. Blake is also the author of CPU, a user management tool for LDAP, the author of the Freevrrpd OpenBSD port, and a core developer on the GNUnet development team.
Ryan Fox
Senior Internet Application Engineer
Ryan has been involved in web design and application development since the early 90's. He has developed custom applications that are used by leading Fortune 500 companies, and large Internet commerce companies. He also has significant experience in Unix server engineering and administration. He currently assists Backwatcher and our customers by developing and evaluating security software solutions.

  • Author of NOLA, a web-based, multi-user, business accounting application.
  • Author of CCC, a web-based inventory, contact management, POS, job tracking, job billing, e-commerce store.
  • Author of Portscan, a web based portscan database.
  • Speaker on Secure Web Application design at Rubi-Con 2002.

Mission | People | Methodology

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